September 7, 2016
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Dear Badger Bonanza exhibitors and parents,

On behalf of the co-chairs of the Badger Bonanza sheep show we would like to thank you for your interest in our show on May 1, 2016. Due to the university strengthening the regulations on biosecurity and food service there will be some minor changes to how the show will operate this year.

1.) No trailers will be allowed to park within 100 feet of the feed mill (the larger grain bins) at the Arlington public events center. This is due to biosecurity concerns since the university trailers come through there often and do not want to bring anything back to any of the farms. There is plenty of other parking available and we will be enforcing this strictly due to the potential of losing our location for future shows.

2.) No sheep will be able to enter or exit through either of the two walk-through doors on either side of the food stand. All participants are asked to walk around and use the large garage door for entering and exiting. The door closest to the road will be locked and the other one will be for human entrance and exit only. This is due to the station not wanting potential health liability and so that we do not lose our ability to hold a concession stand in the future. Trailers will still be allowed to park on that side of the building but sheep must be walked around.

I know that this is new for those who have exhibited in the past, but it is necessary so that we can continue using the facility in the future. These rules were sent to us from the station, so they are non-negotiable. With that being said we look forward to seeing you all on May 1st for another great double-header jackpot!
Any questions or concerns can be sent via email to Clint at cdallas@wisc.edu.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Clint Dallas and McKenna Kent Co-Chairs